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Welcome you at Nabojyoti India Pariwar. We are grateful to you because you have selected us as your business partner. We are determined to fulfill the minimum happiness of everybody and remove all the frustrations instead of increasing demands and will be able to balance and keep distance with all the negative thinking. Our system will give you the economic freedom. A lot of good wishes to everybody. We have come with a lot of dreams and promises to the new generations. Eagerly awaiting for you only. Keep well, take care. OUR VISION: Our every initiative is a strong projection of our vision, which is to establish Nabojyoti India Pariwar as a hugely successful conglomerate. OUR MISSION: Today at the globalization, the young generation of our country are facing tremendous frustration and aimless condition reasoning the day by day increased unemployment and jobless situations comparison to other economically advanced countries of the world. Our mission is to reward smiles to each and every Indians.

Area of Operations

All over India


Projects: 1. Aloevera Cultivation 2. Diagnostic Centre 3. Real Estate 4. Healthy Water Projects 5. News Paper Bikeler Nabojyoti 6. Film Production 7. Film Institute 8. Evening Daily

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130/9, Dumdum Road,
West Bengal,


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